We're nothing but a pirated server from the original flash-based game. We are created to introduce the free fun of the original game and to create a fair society. We're totally free, extra payments unlocks more content of our game. The team agreed that the entire main storyline should be completely free for all players to complete as we build it. If you enjoy the game and want to help us create the weekly releases, you can support us by becoming a VIP. Your account upgrade unlocks a ton of bonus features and content. We expand the game every week with new monsters, weapons, quests, areas, holiday & special events, new features and more! Because the game is built in flash, we can add and change things in the game while you play it. Our friendly team listens carefully to player feedback... and uses it to shape the direction of the game and storylines! We normally release the newest adventures on Saturday, but we frequently do mid-week releases too. Rules are simple, be a nice player and do NOT use any hack programs to load shops, quests, and items or your account will be disabled. We're okay with having pixel sex inside the game as it obviously makes our players very comfortable but once we smell a reporting about sexual harrasments you will be punished hardly for it. Donations are very low and we do not use it for our own goods, all of the donations go directly into the server in order to keep it online. As most of you think, we copied everything from the original game. We did it for a good cause, it's to offer the game's community a better chance.